Theta Tau Omega Gamma Scholarship

During the Spring 2017 semester, a new initiative was born from within Omega Gamma. What was initially an opportunity to help fund brothers’ trips to career conferences became an opportunity to help fund them in any way they saw fit to advance their professional careers. This alumni-funded scholarship was born in order to help active members pay for school, books, debts, certifications, career fairs, or anything else they could need to advance academically/professionally.

This scholarship rewarded three exceptional members with a first prize of $300, second prize of $200, and third prize of $100 to help advance their careers. Both active brothers and alumni hope to see this scholarship continue to grow for years to come, as this is only the beginning! However, this whole thing would not have been possible without the hard work of those brothers involved. More notably, our alumni who acted as scholarship founders with their generous monetary contributions and time spent reviewing applicants’ essays.

These notable alumni who gave generously back to a chapter they love, all hold a special place in our chapter’s rich and ever-growing history. Please read further to learn about these exceptional young professionals and the recipients of Spring 2017’s Omega Gamma Scholarship.

Notable Alumni/Omega Gamma Scholarship Founders

Alicia Felix

Alicia Felix

  • Current Employer:  IBM
  • Positions within IBMSoftware Consultant turned Senior Consultant
  • Pledge Class: A – Alpha Class
  • Graduation Year: Spring 2014
  • Positions within Theta Tau: Scribe for two semesters
  • What motivated her to give back to Theta Tau: “I wanted to show the brothers that I believe in them and their futures.  I also hope that in the future they too, can give back.”


Heydy Gaona

  • Previous and Current Employers:  Ceridian and Covalence Inc.
  • Positions within Ceridian and Covalence Inc. Associate Consultant, Consultant, Senior/Lead Consultant
  • Pledge Class: Γ – Gamma Class
  • Graduation Year: Spring 2012
  • Positions within Theta Tau: Brotherhood chair and pledge educator
  • What motivated her to give back to Theta Tau: “I got a lot from the fraternity and these are opportunities that I would’ve liked to have while I was a brother, since I wasn’t able to I wanted to give new brothers the chance to get it. I know college times are hard economically and can many times hold us back from events that would benefit us.”


Wilfred Franco

  • Previous and Current EmployersNuance Communications
  • Positions within Nuance Communications: EHR Optimization Site Manager and Clinical Specialist 
  • Pledge Class: Z – Zeta Class
  • Graduation Year: Spring 2013
  • Positions within Theta Tau:FIU CSO Representative
  • What motivated her to give back to Theta Tau: “Theta Tau develops lifelong fraternal bonds. I travel heavily for work and I have always had a  brother just a phone call away, no matter what city I am in. These relationships that I have built during my time as an active member and alumni wouldn’t have been possible if I wasn’t a member of Omega Gamma and I want to make sure active members can continue to have access to the same great friendships I have made while doing their part in being successful engineering students.”


Robert Scott

  • Current EmployerUnited States Navy
  • Position within the Navy: Submarine Warfare Officer
  • Pledge Class: H – Eta Class
  • Graduation Year: Spring 2015
  • Positions within Theta Tau: Brotherhood Chair, Corresponding Secretary, and Pledge Educator
  • What motivated him to give back to Theta Tau: “I understand how hard it can be to afford college expenses when trying to maintain a good GPA and graduate in 4 years . So it’s awesome that I can help someone out in this way.”


Elizabeth Solis

  • Current EmployerZimmer Biomet
  • Position within Zimmer Biomet: Product Surveillance Senior Engineer
  • Pledge Class: H – Eta Class
  • Graduation Year: Fall 2015
  • Positions within Theta Tau: Vice Regent
  • What motivated her to give back to Theta Tau: “I have always been a huge advocate of giving back to the community. This fraternity has meant a lot to me and has truly helped me grow as a professional. I wanted to help others grow in the same way and to reach their maximum potential.”


Giorgio Caniggia

  • Current Employer
  • Position within:
  • Pledge Class: H – Eta Class
  • Graduation Year: Fall 2014
  • Positions within Theta Tau: Vice Regent, Regent
  • What motivated him to give back to Theta Tau: “I am constantly coming back to Omega Gamma and giving back to this great chapter. It felt right for me to be a part of this scholarship to help other brothers succeed in school and in life.”


Bryan Leon

  • Current Employer:  Chevron
  • Positions within Chevron: Threat Intelligence Analyst turned Information Risk Management Compliance Analyst
  • Pledge Class: K – Kappa Class
  • Graduation Year: Fall 2016
  • Positions within Theta Tau: Inner Guard, Brotherhood Chair, Professional Development Chair, and EOW Chair
  • What motivated him to give back to Theta Tau: “I wanted to provide financial opportunities to younger brothers that work hard, and should be rewarded and acknowledged.”


Jimmy Hernandez

  • Current Employer:  Northrop Grumman
  • Position within Northrop Grumman:  Survivability Engineer
  • Pledge Class: K – Kappa Class
  • Graduation Year: Fall 2016
  • Positions within Theta Tau: Intramurals Chair, Scribe, Treasurer, and Regent
  • What motivated him to give back to Theta Tau: “It’s who I am. I like giving back especially to those who helped me get to where I am. The fraternity helped me a lot in all aspects of life and I felt it was my duty that once a little bit of success came my way, I should give back to it.”


David Guerrero

  • Current Employer: Sikorsky
  • Position within Sikorsky: Flight Controls Engineer 
  • Pledge Class: K – Kappa Class
  • Graduation Year: Fall 2016
  • Positions within Theta Tau: Regent, Pledge Educator
  • What motivated him to give back to Theta Tau: “I really wanted to help brothers be more motivated and become better scholars.”


WhatsApp Image 2017-08-06 at 18.15.48

Gabriel Maravi

  • Current EmployerNorthrop Grumman
  • Position within Northrop Grumman: Electronics Engineer
  • Pledge Class: Λ – Lambda Class
  • Graduation Year: Fall 2016
  • Positions within Theta Tau: Rube Goldberg Chair, Campus Involvement Chair, Corresponding Secretary, and Regent
  • What motivated her to give back to Theta Tau: “I gave back to Theta Tau because I know the struggle of attending school and working. I didn’t want to ask my family for money for college so I started looking for work and found myself working 3 jobs. I don’t advise anyone to do that because school comes first. This made me think of other brothers struggling to make ends meet and this scholarship was a great way for me to give back to them.”


Spring 2017 Omega Gamma Scholarship Recipients


First Prize Winner: George Guirguis

  • Major: Electrical Engineering
  • Pledge Class: O – Omicron Class
  • Graduation Year: Fall 2018
  • Positions within Theta Tau: Project Chair, Inner Guard, and Vice Regent
  • On Winning This Scholarship: “When we say that we’re brothers for life, we mean it. My brothers wanted to give back to Theta Tau that helped them be who they are right now, and I have the utmost gratitude to receive that scholarship that helped me out in my time of need; I only wish that I will be able to give back one day to the chapter that never stops giving!”


Second Prize Winner: Pedro Da Costa

  • Major:  Biomedical Engineering
  • Pledge Class: Ξ – Xi Class
  • Graduation Year: Spring 2017
  • Positions within Theta Tau: EOW Chair, Intramurals Chair, and Marshal
  • On Winning This Scholarship: “Thank you so much to the alumni that provided the resources and as an alumni I will definitely try to continue giving back to the chapter.”


Third Prize Winner: Gilbert Rodriguez

  • Major: Electrical Engineering
  • Pledge Class: N – Nu Class
  • Graduation Year: Fall 2018
  • Positions within Theta Tau: Fundraising Chair, Rush Chair
  • On Winning This Scholarship: “These are truly some of the best alumni this chapter has to offer and it is such an honor to have received this scholarship from them. This will be very instrumental in receiving my certifications.”